Self Monitoring

Not all information can be monitored using devices and some information needs to be captured using cellphone for example how are you feeling emotionally or what food you ate. Other information such as blood test results needs to be integrated. However on the device side we are developing leading edge device technology to ensure our devices are the best for monitoring quality signals.

Version 1 GPS Heart Rate Monitor

Version 1 GPS heart rate monitor was implemented in May 2018 and was used for testing and development. We decided to improve the communication and the sensors on the device and moved onto version 2 in June 2018.

This sensor only had

  • Heart rate
  • Ambient temperature
  • 2G communication

Version 2 Smart Health Watch Due by March 2020

This device has the best communication technology for smart watches and multiple sensors.

  • Heart rate
  • ECG
  • Oxygen
  • EDA monitor
  • Body Temperature
  • Fall alert
  • Vibration notification

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Self Monitoring 

NOT ALL information can be monitored using devices. Information like how you are feeling emotionally cannot always be gauged. (although EDA is an indicator) With suicide rates and depression such a huge influence on health it is important to have a daily update on how patients are feeling emotionally.

We have a QUICK mobile update where people can quickly input their emotional and physical well being and then see on a graph later how they are doing.

Additionally we are registered to import Spirometers for measuring lung function and we are currently registering as a authorised manufacturer with council of medical schemes.

We have a patent pending (reference number: 2018/07714) “Breath initiated, compliance flow measuring and monitoring inhalation dispenser accessory” that will integrate into the  smart watch.